Friday, February 18, 2011

OCL 150 Watt with 2N3055 and MJ2955

This is OCL 150 W mono audio amplifier circuit , with impedance 8 Ohms. The supply voltage using 25 volt DC with triple voltage + ,- ,ground. see below this circuit :
Buffer amplifier use PNP transistor is A564 / A733 /A1013 and NPN use D400 / D438. Driver Amplifier use NPN transistor is TIP31 / TIP41 / D401, and PNP transistor use TIP32 / TIP42 / B546. For the transistor booster or end , here I use a 2 x 20355 and MJ2955 . This anplifier is recomended to full range speakers. See pcb line and construction audio amplifier below :
Click to view larger

PCB line
Components are already installed

The booster amplifier already installed.


  1. tidak bisa dicontoh lay outnya....

  2. maav sir.,., tuh aja jg .,. hsil jepretan bad camera,.,., so, yowes ngunu kui .,.

    sir punya kan , lay outnya??

  3. hey,
    i am interested in your project,please provide clear schematic with respect to value & name of components,i cannot understand about connections also.


  4. Sir,i'm interested in your project.can you provide clear schematic diagram and pcb lay out and also name and value of components for connections.